27 August 2016

Family Tree DNA Sale Ends in Five Day

Family Tree DNA's (FTDNA) Sizzling Summer Sale ends at midnight (CST) on Wednesday, August 31st. Act now to get these great sale prices!

Only $69 for the autosomal DNA test (Family Finder) plus great discounts on bundles—multiple tests for the same test-taker.

See https://www.familytreedna.com/sale.aspx for details.

Note: Test-takers with ancestors who settled in Texas by 19 February 1846 (whether taking advantage of this sale, already tested, or test in the future) can become part of the Texas State Genealogical Society's Early Texans DNA Project where we will:

  • Study the DNA of descendants of early settlers to discover information that can contribute to Texas history including
    • Determine which admixtures are found in living Texans today
    • Link those admixture results to early colonies or settlements
    • Learn which segments of DNA are shared with other descendants of early settlers of Texas
  • Facilitate applicants for TxSGS certificate programs – DNA matches support claims of descent from a common ancestor and can provide clues as to where to locate documentary evidence

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