24 November 2017

DNA Test Kit Sales

Soooo many sales on DNA test kits for genealogy now. Black Friday sales and low prices throughut the holiday season. Now is the time to test or order an upgrade.
Family Tree DNA (opinion: the only company that supports DNA Projects, no additional charges for access to company tools)

This is the testing company primarily used by members of the Texas State Genealogical Society's Early Texans DNA Project (see http://www.txsgs.org/programs/dna-project/early-texans/ for more info). Parker Y-DNA Surname Project and Parker FamGroup1 Family Finder Project are also at Family Tree DNA.

Black Friday Sale (ends 27 November 2017 at 11:59 PST) - Family Finder (autosomal DNA test) only $49 USD and standard shipping $4.95 USD per kit. After that time the kit price goes up to $59 with standard shipping, but that price is still a great deal! If you have tested elsewhere you can upload the data to Family Tree DNA for free and pay only $19 for access to premium analysis tools.

Ongoing sale prices include

New Test-takers
  • Family Finder + Y-37 $178 (males only) ($168 only on Black Friday)
  • Family Finder + Y-67 $278 (males only) ($268 only on Black Friday)
  • Family Finder + mtFull Sequence $218 ($208 only on Black Friday)
  • Family Finder + Y-67 + mtFull Sequence $442 (males only) ($427 only on Black Friday)
  • Y-37 $129 (males only)
  • Y-67 $229 (males only)
  • Y-111 $299 (males only)
  • mtDNA Plus $89
  • mtFull Sequence $169

Upgrades for those who have already tested
  • mtDNA to FullmtSequence $119
  • Y-12 to Y-37 $69
  • Y-25 to Y-37 $35
  • Y-37 to Y-67 $79
  • Y-37 to Y-111 $168
  • Y-67 to Y-111 $99
  • Big Y with free upgrade to Y-111 $475

Family Tree DNA customers also receive holiday coupons by logging in to your account and clicking on the "Holiday Reward" button. Each week a new coupon is offered. Many customers are sharing coupons they do not need on Facebook, mail lists, and in a shared Google Docs file at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CgXRKz2TySvRqSInveSIYoslO7yexAc9d-BzpNhaY1c/edit#gid=1193411620.

AncestryDNA (opinion: a large database for matching relatives, but requires an annual subscription for access to all tools)

Ancestry DNA Kit is on sale for $59 and Ancestry.com subscription for first year is 50% Off. Starting 23 November at 9:00p.m. PST to 27 November 2017 at 8:59p.m. PST. (£49 DNA kit in UK, $79 DNA Kit in Canada, $99 DNA Kit in Australia)

MyHeritage/ (opinion: smaller database and waiting for DNA analysis tools and better algorithms for matching relatives)

$49 DNA Kit 21 November to 27 November (Normal price is $99). Free expedited shipping on orders of three or more kits (US only) and free standard shipping on two or more kits. MyHeritage also accepts free raw data uploads from other companies.

23andMe (opinion: the most health-related information to date)

Ancestry + Health is $99 today only at Amazon using the link

Ancestry-only kits are $69 and Ancestry + Health is $149 through 26 November at 23andMe.

LivingDNA (opinion: no matching relatives yet, but gives very detailed British Isles admixture origins)

$89 Black Friday sale price. Sale price of $159 after Black Friday. $199 normal price kit.

National Geographic Genographic Project Geno 2.0 (opinion: for deep, ancient origins and to contribute to scientific research - no matching relatives)

Black Friday sale price $69 at https://shop.nationalgeographic.com/category/geno-dna?code=SR90002&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI77Pu4cLX1wIVDrXACh28EAomEAAYASAAEgICVfD_BwE (normally $199).

Disclaimer: I receive no compensation from any of these companies. I am a satisfied paying customer of all the companies included.

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