07 January 2011

NARA: 1940 Census and Accessing Textual Records Stored Off-site

Two of my favorite blogs have articles related to records of the U.S. National Archives (NARA). Be sure to check these out for important information if you haven't seen them yet. If records you need are stored off-site, you will need to request retrieval to save frustration if you travel to Washington D.C. then can't view those records in the time you have available. Knowing where to look for upcoming information needed to prepare for 1940 census research is quickly becoming a priority; only fifteen more months until the 1940 census is available to researchers.

NARAtions: The Blog of the United States National Archives has an article titled "Are you interested in knowing which records from NARA’s DC-Area Textual Services Division in Off-Site Storage?" explaining how some records may take up to 72 hours to retrieve. A PDF list of records stored off-site is available at http://www.archives.gov/dc-metro/records-in-offsite-storage.pdf.

Rebecca Warlow of the National Archives explains NARA's plans for the release of the 1940 census in a comment to one of Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter post titled "NARA to Release 1940 Census Records?". Be sure to scroll down to Ms. Warlow's comments to get the facts. The other comments are also interesting and informative.

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  2. I admire genealogists and census employees because of their faithfulness in preserving history by organizing documents and sharing them to others. It's amazing that we can search for information on every census conducted by just searching for them in the internet.

    Ruby Badcoe