14 February 2012

Advocacy and Collaboration article at MINDS@UW

I stumbled across a "new to me" useful archive at the University of Wisconsin today. The MINDS@UW site has archived many interesting articles, some with ideas pertinent to the current records access issues facing genealogists.

Check out "Genealogists and Records: Preservation, Advocacy, and Politics" by Aprille Cooke McKay in Archival Issues, Vol. 27, No. 1, 2002. She discusses advocacy and collaboration by genealogists and archivists while acknowledging the sometimes adversarial relationship between the two groups. We all need to work to eliminate the adversarial and encourage the collaborative aspects of the relationship.

Many of us are reaching out on Facebook and genealogy mail lists for help in Saving the SSDI. How many of us have contacted the state archivists and librarians that we have helped when states are considering cutting their budgets?

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