24 May 2012

DNA presentation in Round Rock, June 21

On Thursday, June 21, I will be doing a presentation on DNA at the Williamson County Genealogical Society in Round Rock, Texas. The topic will be "GATA GACC! DNA and Genetic Genealogy Today." This session covers basics of Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and autosomal DNA tests for genealogical purposes.

I only have a few slides covering the biology of DNA. I spend most of the time using simple examples to help newbies understand how each type of DNA is inherited and from whom. We need to understand this so we can determine who should be tested to contribute the most to our genealogical research goals. The rest of the time is used to demonstrate how you can organize DNA test results to learn as much as possible. I hate to hear someone spent hundreds of dollars getting a DNA test and then just shoved the certificate into a drawer. It isn't difficult to learn how to analyze the DNA data, but it does take an investment of time to make it worthwhile.

The Williamson County Genealogical Society (WCGS) is a vibrant and active group. The have an award winning website at http://www.williamsontxgenealogy.org/?page_id=177. It is clean and simple and easy to navigate. Check it out. They have an annual seminar in the spring with a nationally known speaker. In 2012 it was D. Joshua Taylor. In 2013 it will be John Philip Colletta. WCGS has a large pool of knowledgeable members to call on for presentations. Teri Flack will be discussing "Probate Records" in July.

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  1. I am soooooo hoping that I will not have to be out of town for work for your presentation!! Looking forward to it.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you there. I always enjoy visits to Round Rock.