26 April 2013

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

My upcoming speaking engagements are listed below. I hope to see you all at one of these events:

Saturday, April 27, Canton, Texas, Van Zandt County Genealogical Society
"Certified, Accredited, Professional: What's the Difference?"

Some in the genealogical community are confused about the differences between genealogical credentials and those who offer professional services. This presentation covers the credentialing and professional organizations in the U.S. The discussion is aimed at those interested in becoming credentialed genealogists, those considering hiring a professional, and genealogical event planners who need to understand the plethora of initials following a name.

Friday, May 10, NGS 2013 Family History Conference, Las Vegas
"Going Nuclear: DNA Discoveries to Trace All Lines of Descent"

Learn to link families using autosomal DNA test results from any testing company. Maximize impact on your genealogical research goals. Includes how to use test results such as those from 23andMe and Family Tree DNA Family Finder tests.

Saturday, May 11, NGS 2013 Family History Conference, Las Vegas
"Ours and Theirs: Tax and Land Laws"

Tax and land records can provide clues to the lifespan of an ancestor, if you can interpret the records according to the laws of the time. Tax records can also tell you how your ancestor may have lived. Learn to interpret records using real-life examples.

Saturday, June 1, Mesquite, Texas, Mesquite Historical & Genealogical Society All-Day Seminar
"GATA GACC! DNA and Genetic Genealogy Today"

Learn where we are today using DNA for genealogy. Maximize Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and autosomal DNA test results to contribute to genealogical research goals.

"DNA Case Studies"
Case studies will illustrate using your DNA test results for genealogical research.

"Spice It Up: Adding Historical and Social Context"
Make your family history an enjoyable read by including more than the begats. Examples show how to find and use sources that provide pertinent information to place your ancestor's story in historical and social context.

"Bypass the Roadblock: Getting Beyond A Sticking Point"
Tips and tools to help get around the proverbial roadblock or brick wall.

Thursday, June 6, Burbank, California, Southern California Genealogy Jamboree: Family History and DNA
"Mitochondrial DNA: Tools and Techniques to Go Beyond Basics"

Learn advanced uses of mtDNA. This lecture uses case studies to demonstrate databases and analysis methods using mtDNA for genealogy. Low resolution and full mitochondrial sequences are discussed.

Wednesday, June 12, Birmingham, Alabama, IGHR, "Genealogy as a Profession" Course
"Genetic Genealogy for Clients"

Introduction to basic analysis techniques, reporting methods, and educational needs of professional genealogists and DNA project administrators.

I didn't post about them beforehand, but I also recently gave these presentations:

Saturday, March 9, Tyler, Texas, East Texas Genealogical Society and Tyler Stake FHC Spring Seminar
"Texas Family Cemetery Laws"

Information on laws affecting forming a family cemetery and access to existing cemeteries.

Friday, April 12, Dallas, Texas, Forensic Genealogy Institute, Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy
"Forensic Techniques for Genetic Genealogy"

Introduction to analysis techniques, reporting methods, and educational needs of forensic genealogists.

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