09 December 2015

TSLAC Website Redesign

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) just launched a redesigned website. The announcement indicates:
Highlights of the new site include a streamlined user interface, targeted informational categories, enhanced access to search functions and graphical based divisional landing pages. A key feature of the redesign offers mobile responsiveness to meet the needs of the growing number of users accessing the site via handheld and tablet devices.
Be sure to explore all of the topics. Some items of interest to genealogists are found on the "Online Collections" page as well as the "Genealogy Resources" and other pages. The new site has a nice clean look and seems easy to navigate and search. The pages resize for smaller windows. I love this as so many sites nowadays force me to make my browser fill the full screen width or to scroll horizontally.

Screen shot of TSLAC Home Page, 9 December 2015

As with any website, be creative with your search terms and think about how an item would have been referred to in documents. For example, a search for "texas lunatic asylum" results in no hits. Searching for "state lunatic asylum" or just "lunatic asylum" results in hits in two different collections. Neither of the hits is in a collection linked from the "Genealogy Resources" or "Online Collections" pages. Today's researchers are interested in many less used records to help us learn the full life story of our ancestor's lives.

Screen shot of TSLAC Search Results, 9 December 2015

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