01 July 2017

DNA Data Org Tip: Associate Kit with Name for Downloaded Data

This is a small tip but a great time and frustration saver for anyone who has tested a lot of family members at Family Tree DNA or who uses aliases instead of real names for test-takers at any DNA testing company.

This tip helps me import data into the correct Genome Mate Pro profile. It also helps me ensure that I am analyzing the correct person's data when I am using other tools such as Double Match Triangulator by Louis Kesslerr or David Pike's atDNA Tools. Before I started using this method I had to keep a cheat sheet handy correlating DNA kit numbers with the alias name on the account and the real name of the test-taker.

In order to keep up with new DNA matches we must periodically download the new match list and associated data. For Family Tree DNA I use the DNAgedcom Client to download match lists, chromosome segment comparisons, and In Common With (ICW) data.

Downloaded DNA results for from FTDNA include the kit number and content description, as in 12345_Family_Finder_Matches.csv, 12345_ChromosomeBrowser.csv, and 12345_ICW.csv (where 12345 is the kit number).

When you have all three files for twenty or more family members it can be difficult to find the files for one family member unless you keep a cross reference for kit number and name. For those of us with dozens of family members tested, I came up with a trick to save time in identifying downloaded results and which family member they belong to. I no longer have to keep my cross reference list handy.

I made a folder where I have one empty file for each family member. The file name is what is important, not the contents. The file is named 12345__ALIAS_realname.csv (where 12345 is the kit number, ALIAS is the account name for the kit, and realname is the name I know that person by).

Any time I download DNA test results to a new folder I can copy my empty files into the download folder. The file names sort so that my empty file identifying the person associated with a kit number allows me to easily identify whose data files I am looking at.

These screenshots are from one of my favorite programs, FreeCommander, a great Windows file manager replacement with many features that I love. I use FreeCommander much more than I use Windows Explorer.

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