16 September 2017

DNA Workshop, Southwest Tennessee, 28 October 2017

I have been invited to teach an all-day DNA seminar in a workshop format in Germantown, Tennessee, on 28 October 2017. This will include hands-on analysis of autosomal DNA segments and correlating the DNA and documentary evidence.

Gingerbread family recombination,
©2016, Debbie Parker Wayne

The original event space in Germantown sold out, but there are spaces available in the larger venue now reserved. This will be my last workshop this year (my other scheduled events have been cancelled due to damage caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma). I am looking forward to spending time in Germantown, Memphis, and southwest Tennessee. I hope to see many old friends there and make some new friends.

Registration is available at http://www.tngs.org/event-2556801.

Date: Saturday, 28 October 2017

Time: 8:00am to 3:00pm

Place: Germantown Church of Christ, 8723 Poplar Pike, Germantown, TN 38138

Sessions include
  1. DNA and Genetic Genealogy Today: A brief review of DNA inheritance and basic genetic information, company tools, and third-party tools
  2. Y-DNA and mtDNA Analysis: Match list analysis, project advantages, using Y-DNA and mtDNA to prove Native American ancestry and to link to a common ancestor through DNA matches
  3. Autosomal DNA (atDNA) Analysis: Match list analysis, shared surname, and family tree analysis; genetic networks: shared matches, In Common With (ICW), DNA Circles; and triangulated groups
  4. Correlating DNA and Documentary Evidence: Apply DNA and documentary evidence to answer genealogical relationship questions
A family tree and documents will be used for hands-on activities to confirm (or refute) links in a tree, determine if a newly found DNA match belongs in the same tree, and whether documentary evidence correlates with the DNA evidence to support or disprove a hypothesis.

My Family Chromosome Map: Kitty Cooper Chromosome Mapper,
©2017, Debbie Parker Wayne

My Family Y-DNA Correlation, ©2017, Debbie Parker Wayne

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  1. Here is the place to go to Register. http://tngs.org/event-2556801
    We are so excited to have Debbie Parker Wayne here in West TN!!

    1. Thanks for the direct link, Gail. I am looking forward to the workshop. I hope the attendees enjoy the hands-on approach. I think it is much easier to learn and remember DNA concepts with practice than just lecture.