30 July 2018

Texas State GS 2018 Annual Conference Schedule

Texas State Genealogical Society (TxSGS) has announced the conference schedule for San Antonio on 2-4 November 2018. This year celebrates 300 years of history since the founding of San Antonio with three days (and over 3,000 minutes) of great genealogy education!

Registration is available at http://www.txsgs.org/txsgs-2018-conference-registration/.

Lodging and venue information is available at http://www.txsgs.org/2018-conference-lodging-and-venue/.

Nearby restaurant information is available at http://www.txsgs.org/2018-conference-restaurants/. Note that lunches are not available through the conference this year.

The conference schedule details and list of sessions are available at http://www.txsgs.org/2018-txsgs-schedule-overview/. Exciting sessions start at 9:30 a.m. on Friday and run through 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.

If you are like me and need the conference schedule in a grid format to make your session choices you can use the grid I created at http://debbiewayne.com/temp/Txsgs_2018_schedule_grid.pdf.

This year I will be presenting a two-hour workshop on autosomal DNA analysis from 1:30 to 3:30 Friday afternoon. This workshop has limited seating available and an add-on cost of $30.

I will be presenting "Organizing Genetic Genealogy" at 11:00 on Saturday and "Documenting DNA Analysis" at 2:00 on Saturday. I am scheduled before and after lunch; it will be a busy mid-day on Saturday.

Our plan is to unveil our new Early Texas DNA Project website at this conference. I will be answering questions and featuring the website at a TxSGS booth when I am not speaking.

Speakers include Mic Barnette, Jim Brewster, Evan Christensen, Schelly Talalay Dardashti, Debra Dudek, Mary Esther Escobedo, Patti Gillespie, Sharon Gillins, Sara Gredler, Colleen Greene, Tony Hanson, Kevin Klaus, Devon Noel Lee, Janice Lovelace, Bernard N. Meisner, Kelvin Meyers, Betsy Mills, Laurel Neuman, David Passman, Lisa Reed, Diane L. Richard, Mary Kircher Roddy, Lisa Toth Salinas, Carl Smith, Kathy Strauss, Michael L. Strauss, Pam Vestal, Eric Wells, and Ari Wilkins.

Normal sessions include diverse topics with research tips on African Americans, DNA, Germans, Hispanics, land, methodology, military, publishing and preservation, records and repositories, Russian Jewish immigrants, and technology.

Workshops include Autosomal DNA Analysis, Metadata and Digital Archiving Your Family History Photos and Documents, Researching Your World War II Ancestors, and Spreadsheets 101—An Excel-lent Hands-on Tutorial.

There is something for every researcher at every knowledge level. I hope to see you there.

Debbie Parker Wayne will receive remuneration as a speaker for this conference and is a board member as the DNA Project Chair.

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