07 October 2021

Copying atDNA Data from One Testing Company to Another - Updated (2021) Process

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If you've taken an autosomal DNA test at every testing company you won't have a need for this process. Many of us have tested at one or two or three companies yet want to have our DNA data available for comparison at additional companies — to fish in more ponds. We need to know how to obtain a copy of our data from one site and upload it to another.

The companies that allow uploading the DNA data from another site usually charge much less for access to their tools than the cost of a new test kit. Transferring (copying the data file) saves a few dollars or pounds over doing another full test kit. AncestryDNA and 23andMe do not allow uploads from other companies.

Many people use the term "transferring your raw DNA data" from one company to another. This sounds like you are removing your data from one site and moving it to another. What really happens is you copy your data from the original testing company and place a duplicate of the data on a second site. The data now resides on two sites.

The companies periodically change their download/upload processes. Instead of repeating the steps that work today for each company, I'm linking to the company's instructions. Those likely get updated as the process changes so will be more current than anything written elsewhere.

The steps to download (copy from the company site to your computer) your raw autosomal DNA data file for each company can be found by clicking these links. You must login to your account first to access the data. The steps to upload (copy from your computer to the company site) your raw autosomal DNA data file to each company that allows uploads can be found by clicking these links. Some of the companies display all of the steps immediately. Some require you to login first then walk you through the process. GEDmatch is not a testing company but offers many popular third-party tools. However, their updated website either has no upload/download instructions or they are hidden and hard to find. Perhaps more information is available to those with an account after login.

There are other smaller companies that may allow upload/download. Check their online help for instructions or contact their tech support group.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I think it's good to reevaluate the term "transferring."

  2. Thank for commenting, Nicole. We should have all realized that was the wrong word years ago when so many people continued to ask "will my DNA still be on the first testing company website?"

  3. Debbie, Great article and resource that I will share. I would suggest people consider uploading their DNA and tree into GEDmatch.com for free. Ancestry does not have a chromosome browser nor allow use of DNA Painter for mapping and comparing against other DNA databases. GEDMatch also has clustering, triangulation, and AutoSegment among some of their fantastic Tier 1 tools; thanks to “EJ” Blom for creating these.

    If people don’t have the money to test at 23andMe, they can at least upload into GEDmatch.com for free and compare to those who have. Here is their sign up link and education link. It is quick and easy.



    Paul Baltzer

    1. Thanks for providing the GEDmatch help pages, Paul. his will help those who wish to use GEDmatch.