13 November 2013

Family Tree DNA 2013 Holiday Sale

I'm way behind in posting about what I learned at the Family Tree DNA Project Administrator's Conference and the Texas State Genealogical Society Annual Conference. But I had to get the word out about the DNA sale going on right now.

Check out Family Tree DNA's list on their Facebook page (no login to facebook is needed to view the page) or visit the Family Tree DNA website or their products page.

Save up to $79 on Y-DNA tests.

Save up to $109 on mtDNA tests in combination with Y-DNA tests. It only costs $169 for the mtFullSequence which is the most likely mtDNA test to be useful for genealogical purposes. Only a few years ago this test cost more than $800. Now it is available at a price many of us can afford.

Save up to $109 on Family Finder tests in combination with Y-DNA or mtDNA tests.

For many of these orders, including a Family Finder test at the price of $99.99, you will also receive a $100 gift card for restaurant.com (no s after restaurant). This basically makes the test kit free. Believe it or not, even my small town restaurant offers a discount through restaurant.com. If you live in an urban area you may have more choices. If this isn't useful to you it could be given to others as a gift.

Take advantage of this great offer to order kits as holiday presents for those family members who have agreed to test. After seeing some of the presentations at the Family Tree DNA Project Administrator's Conference I really want to test more close family members and now can save money doing so.

Note added 13 Nov 2013 after initial post: The restaurant.com offer only applies to U.S. customers. It is not offered in other countries.

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