21 September 2014

Genetic Genealogy Education: I4GG 2014 Conference Videos

Over 400 attendees plus speakers attended the first International Conference for Genetic Genealogy in the Washington, DC, area in August 2014. The conference was organized by the Institute for Genetic Genealogy (I4GG). Most of the sessions were recorded and are now available at a great price! Over 27 hours of education for $50.00 (USD).

Tim Janzen and CeCe Moore, founders of I4GG, made this announcement today:
The videos from the 2014 International Genetic Genealogy Conference are now available for sale for those of you who were not able to attend this event. CeCe's spouse Lennart Martinsson has spent many hours editing these videos and getting them ready for you to view. Access to the videos may be purchased at http://i4gg.org/pricing. The quality of the videos that were shot in the Aiton Auditorium are generally of higher quality than the videos that were shot in the Ohio Room both from a video standpoint and an audio standpoint. We did not have permission to videotape Spencer Well's presentation or Angie Bush's presentation. We videotaped Jim Bartlett's presentation, but unfortunately the video card that held that presentation was somehow faulty and we were unable to recover the video of that presentation. Fortunately, much of the material that Jim covered in his presentation was also included in his portion of the FTDNA workshop video.

We are only distributing links to the videos to those who paid a registration fee for the conference and to the speakers. If you purchase access to the videos we would appreciate it if you would not share the links to the videos with other people who did not attend the conference. If you share the links to the videos with others who did not attend the conference then this will deprive the speakers from additional revenue from the sale of the videos that they would otherwise be receiving. We have tried to make the prices for the videos as reasonable as we possibly can. If people who did not attend the conference ask you for more information about how to gain access to the videos, please refer them to the Institute for Genetic Genealogy website.
My presentation on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) was the first session on Saturday. I started speaking at the start time listed in the conference presentation. Apparently the camera wasn't recording yet, but I wasn't aware of that. There is a little shakiness at the beginning of the video as the camera operator moves the camera around to get it situated. The first three slides aren't recorded.

What is missing is my title slide:

An illustration and description of a cell showing mtDNA outside of the nucleus and autosomal and X-Y DNA inside the nucleus:

A slide describing how mtDNA is passed down to descendants:

All images © Debbie Parker Wayne

I hope this helps anyone who views the video. I cannot wait to find time to view all of the sessions I could not attend in person and review some of the ones I did see in person. I hope those of you who could not attend find the videos useful. Some of the sessions have advanced content with discussions about intricate details of DNA analysis by those who have been involved in the science for over a decade. Don't let those scare you away from genetic genealogy. Start with the beginner sessions if you are new to genetic genealogy. You can come back and view those advanced sessions later on when you are ready.

I hope this model of making recordings available at a very reasonable price takes off. It would be great if we see something similar from other institutes and conferences. I suspect the low price for you to access the videos is primarily due to the time donated by Lennart Martinsson. Thank you, Lennart, for supporting genetic genealogy in this way.

CeCe and Tim are planning another I4GG conference and will announce it when details are available. They may rotate the conference from east to west coast in the U.S. I've also heard some people asking for conferences to be held outside of the U.S. So stay alert for future announcements. This is a conference you do not want to miss!

Some speakers made handouts available to accompany the video. Some made copies of the slide presentations available. Some did both. All the options provide a great educational experience that helps us all advance our knowledge of genetic genealogy. Go forth and learn!

Disclosure: The speakers, including me, were paid to present at this conference and were compensated for some travel costs. Additional fees may be paid to the speakers based on sales of the videos.

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