06 May 2016

Mother's Day DNA Sale at Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA sent the notice below about a great sale that includes the full mtDNA sequence that I have been recommending in my presentations. With the $99 regular price for Family Finder, this sale means the full mtDNA sequence is only $129. This is a great deal, especially considering this test alone cost $850 a few years ago.

Family Finder is the autosomal DNA test that can find cousins on all of the test-taker's ancestral lines. The mtFull Sequence finds others who share the same matrilineal line—the line from the test-taker to his or her mother to her mother to her mother and so on back to mitochondrial Eve.

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Happy Mother's Day!

We are excited to begin our 3-day Mother's Day Sale!

In honor of all of the Mothers around the world, we want to show our appreciation by celebrating this holiday with a special promotion on our Family Finder + mtFull Sequence (mtDNA) bundle – two genealogy DNA tests that focus on mom – for only $228!

Our Mother's Day Sale will continue through Sunday, May 8, 2016 (11:59 PM U.S. Central).

In the chart below, each person with an "m" and a pink shade inherited mtDNA from the mother of the woman labelled as number 2. Other colors indicate mtDNA inherited from women who married into the family. Determine who to test by starting with the focus woman of interest, then following the daughters to a living person. The living person can be male or female but must have a line of only females back to the focus person.

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