26 May 2016

mtDNA Match Fix for Genetic Distance at Family Tree DNA

For some time now there have been some odd matches, or lack of matches, in the mtDNA match list of many genetic genealogists due to the way genetic distance is calculated.

Family Tree DNA, as part of other hardware and software changes, has fixed this problem. The fix will soon begin showing up in our match lists. This was announced along with the recent changes made to the algorithms used for Family Finder matches.
Some of you may have dealt with mtDNA results that had some issues with genetic distance. The fix for the root cause of that problem was released awhile back, but we had to wait until all the hardware installations were complete and integrated before re-running those kits affected prior to that fix. We’re in the process of deploying that update now!

Over the next few days, those affected will likely see differences in genetic distance of some matches as the corrections are implemented. Those who have tested after the fix whose mutations were correct may see an increase in matches to existing testers. That’s to be expected.

Everyone who has taken an mtDNA test should check the match list in the coming days in case your list has changed. Here is wishing all of us see some exciting new DNA information with this change.

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