29 October 2013

Percentage Shared atDNA Chart

Last year in the Forensic Genealogy Institute session on DNA I used a chart showing the statistical percentage of shared DNA between two people. There are several versions of this chart that can be found online. I like this colored, tabular version better than some of the others I have seen. I told the institute attendees I would post the chart. I guess a year later is better than never. I updated the chart and added some links to additional information that were not on the document a year ago. I hope this is useful to some genetic genealogists. This image shows only a small portion of the chart.

A PDF version of the document is available here. On the referenced ISOGG Wiki page at http://www.isogg.org/wiki/Autosomal_DNA_statistics#DNA_percentages follow the link to Tim Janzen's website as there are some very useful examples and explanations of autosomal DNA test analysis.

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